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About who can participate

Who can participate

International Herbal Fair is an annual feature of Bhopal for over a decade now. Initially, began as a National event, this annual fair was up-scaled as an International event from 2011 with a mandate to create a platform for showcasing the Minor Forest Produce (MFP) diversity and potential of various states of India and neighbouring countries to provide robust marketing opportunities with strong backward-forward linkages for MFP collectors, traders and manufacturers involved in processing of MFP.


· Producers, Manufacturers, Traders, Entrepreneurs and Packagers of herbal products at local, National and International levels

· Researchers, environmentalists and practitioners involved in the field of plant and plant products

· Government Departments, Organizations, Institutions and NGOs involved in promoting cultivation, research, processing, value addition and trade of herbs & herbal derivatives

· Importers and Exporters of Herbal Products

· Certification bodies related to organic, ecological and sustainable collection etc.

· Publishers of books/research journals, related to medicinal plants and MFP, traditional practices.


20-26 December, 2022